NY 1: Brooklyn Soup Kitchen Works to Provide Passover Provisions

By Roger Clark
Updated Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 12:45 PM EDT

One Brooklyn soup kitchen is hard at work trying to put food on the table for city families celebrating Passover. 

The Masbia Soup Kitchen in Midwood is churning out packaged meals for the Jewish holiday's start Friday evening. 

Staples like potatoes, apples and walnuts are being bagged and boxed on their way to nearly 3,000 families across the five boroughs. 

The company is working to send 270,000 meals out ahead of the holiday but they're doing so at more than $100,000 under their donation goal. 

Alex Rapaport, the food drive's director, says they need all the help they can get. 

"The challenge is enormous, just getting phone calls from someone with sick children or some seniors. I just picked up a call from yesterday from someone - the father has cancer, they can't put food on their plates. Just meeting that need, in the thousands, is what we're facing here," Rapaport explained.

Each person will get 18 meals, or 6 days' worth of food, in their package. 

The drive is named after Charoset, an apple and walnut dish traditionally served on the seder plate. 

For more information, visit masbia.org.

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