FAQ for Eating at Masbia

What is Masbia?


Masbia is a network of community supported kitchens where clients can eat for free. Masbia also operates a free food pantry.

Is Masbia Kosher?


Yes. Masbia has a certificate of Kashrut from the Orthodox Union.

I am not Jewish - can I eat at Masbia?


Yes. Masbia feeds everyone who is in need.

What documents do I need to bring?


As of now, clients do not need to bring documentation. Because resources are limited, we may request documentation in the future from clients.

When can I receive a meal?


Masbia is opened for dinner service from 3:00 PM until 7:00 PM Mondays - Thursdays.

What is served for dinner?


The menu varies on a day to day basis but all meals consist of bread, soup, protein, vegetable, grain, dessert, and a beverage. We want to provide nutritious and balanced meals that are tasty and freshly prepared. 

What public transportations are close by?

B68- Coney Island Ave/Ave J stop
B6 and B11- Ave J/Coney Island Ave 
Q Train- Avenue J

Do you deliver?


No- We do not offer a delivering service for meals. 

Can I take a hot meal home?


No- Hot dinners can not be taken home. Food must be eaten in the dining room. However, we do have take home pantry packages every Thursday.